Motorola Backflip available through AT&T stores March 7th

It has just been announced that the Motorola Backflip with MOTOBLUR will actually be available in AT&T stores nationally and online from March 7th.

The Backflip features a reverse flip design has a spacious keyboard and a BACKTRACK touch panel, this enables the display to be hands free while your finger works behind the screen.

It runs on the fastest 3G network and is powered by MOTOBLUR, Motorola’s Android powered content delivery service. Which enables a more personal touch and is socially very smart. This device brings the best of social networking along with the nations fastest 3G network, the Backflip offers a better Android experience.

This offers AT&T customers a nice new way to connect to their friends and family, content and applications, whether it’s work or personal email, social networking or messaging. With AT&T’s 3G network users can make the most of being able to talk, surf the internet and access applications all at the same time. Source – media-newswire.com

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