Pre Pixi better now its a Pixi Plus

Sequels are all well and good when you look at things like Playstation then Playstation2, Ghostbusters then Ghostbusters2, but then look at things like the Xbox wasn’t called the Xbox 2 but the Xbox 360.

Then you have the iPhone, the second one not being named as the iPhone2 but the iPhone 3G. Verizon had two phones that had the suffix ’plus’ the Palm Pre Plus and also the Palm Pixi Plus, generally the plus means they are upgrades on the original phones.

It could just be a kind of status thing, as remember being at school an a+ being better than just an a, the labelling of these devices though is still a little off-putting to say the least.

Of course the phones, may be just a carbon copy of the original phones but maybe that is just on the outside, both phones are truly magical with the simple push of a button your phone will becomes a Wi-Fi hot spot. Connecting to the Pixi Plus network is done without any hitch, and it is easy to check your email and also browse the net.
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