Immersion Takes Mobile Phone Haptic Feedback to new level

The firm which specialises in tech which delivers that “buzz” to your mobile phone, Immersion, has come up with a new HD sensor which they say will give even more feedback than previous reports an article over on pocket-lint.

Immersion already has their mobile feedback tech on in excess of 100 million mobile phones from the likes of Nokia, LG and Samsung and a spokesperson for Immersion has said, “Immersion’s TouchSense 5000 solution takes haptics to a new level of fidelity by enabling high-definition haptic effects. That allows us to increase range, strength and precision.”

Apparently the new system will enable developers to “replicate fine movements of the sensors” thus giving the user the feeling they are interacting with something other than a touch screen. For example, convincing a user they are typing on an “old-fashioned” keyboard rather than a key-less touch screen.

According to Immersion their new TouchSense 5000 solution will be in mobile handsets by the end of this year. More on this as and when we hear.

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