Optical Trackpad Upgrade for BlueBerry

Yes you read right, BlueBerry not BlackBerry. It’s quite funny really as the other day the wife referred to a BlackBerry smartphone as a BlueBerry, something I took quite a bit of mickey out of, and what do you know, today the guys over at engadget post an article about a BlueBerry smartphone.

Apparently the BlueBerry 9500 is one of those Shenzhen knockoffs which just like the Research In Motion BlackBerry has now followed in their footsteps and upgraded the BlueBerry with an optical trackpad changing out the trackball.

Spec wise the BlueBerry 9500 is apparently quite impressive for a knockoff, sporting dual SIM support, WiFi, and a TV tuner with a 9 inch retractable antenna. As for that new trackpad addition, it is said to be fairly decent.

I’ll have to make sure the wife doesn’t see this post or no doubt I will never hear the end of just how right she was and how wrong I was, but then this BlueBerry 9500 is only a knockoff after all.

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