Windows Mobile 7 may not have Flash 10.1

Adobe is working towards delivering Flash player 10.1 for a range if smartphones that are available on the market currently, however it would seem that the company intends on leaving devices powered by various platforms in the lurch.

We now have more information on handsets running on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system that wont get to have a bite of the technology either. Flash Player 10.1 is probably the most wanted technology which is meant to be arriving on mobile phones in the wild.

Windows Mobile 6.5 was one of those platforms which was going to receive the solution, something that would have pleased a whole lot of people for sure. Sadly though it seems that Adobe have in fact changed their mind on the matter and the older operating system has even been removed from the support list.

An Adobe representative has said that we can expect the final release for Android to be available in the middle of the year. All Android devices that meet their minimum software and hardware requirements will be supported. For more information on this story please visit news.softpedia.com

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