Palm smartphone sales low may turn to WiMax

Palm recently admitted that their sales of smartphones were lower than they had anticipated. So now there are the rumours.

The rumours are that the company may be sold or that it may in fact be beefing up its product line with a WiMax smartphone for Sprint Nextel. Obviously fans of Palm don’t want to see it sold and fingers are crossed all over hoping that the company can keep on with new smartphones and upgrades to its webOS.

The rumours around the WiMax enabled smartphone could just be wishful thinking but it would be nice if they could rustle up something as dramatic as that.

More rumours are that HTC will be making the first WiMax phone for Sprint. However it is possible that Palm could also build one partly because Sprint had the exclusive carrier deal to sell the Palm Pre. It would seem that the only way for Palm to avoid disaster is to get more smartphone devices on the market and the quicker the better. Source – pcworld.com


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  1. Dee says:

    Palm’s Web OS is clearly a great system. Verizon has quickly disappointed with Palm phones and, to me, no surprise. I have dealt with Verizon tech service and customer support in recent months and they fall far below the minimal acceptable standard that I’m in the midst of getting away from Verizon for other services (DSL, landline). I had hoped Sprint would get the Pre Plus and/or Pixi Plus, and would have signed up immediately.

    Palm Pre/Pixi with WiMax would be a dream, “best of breed” mix in smart phones – a great phone with a great service provider in WiMax – I’ve been hoping for this for some time. Hopefully, they can do it…

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