Windows Phone 7 upgrade for HTC HD2

Even though it is probably the most promising Windows Mobile Phone seen to date it seems that the HTC’s HD2 may even get better.

Some news has come through Adobe which has stated that they wont be providing Flash 10.1 with support for WinMo 6.5 due to the operating system not supporting some critical API’s.

On a brighter note it did claim to be offering support for Windows Phone 7 handsets, and also one of the first to receive Flash will be the HTC HD2 which as we know currently runs on 6.5.

So it would seem that an upgrade to Windows Phone 7 is definitely in the pipeline especially when you consider that the HTC HD2 handset does match the minimum specification requirements. The Milestone and the Nexus One will be among the first to get Flash support in 2010. Source – stuff.tv


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