Verizon sued for charging feature phones data fees

It appears that the Big Red is facing a class action for charging its non-smartphone users for data services, which apparently the customers never used. The class action is being brought by legal firm Goldman Scarlato & Karon P.C, reports an article over on phonescoop.

The suit refers to alleged accidental charges which may accrue if a non smartphone user, feature phone user that doesn’t pay for a data plan accidentally connects to the internet or other data service, and word has it Verizon charges these non smartphone users $1.99 per megabyte even though they do not have a data plan.

Verizon has claimed that this is untrue and accidentally opening a mobile phones browser does not incur any data charges, and charges are incurred only when a user navigates from the Verizon home page to another web page.

The class action lawsuit is looking to reimburse any user who has been charged for accidentally accessing data if it is proved they were charged by Verizon Wireless improperly.

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