Could this be the new iPhone 4G? Dream On

Whilst we all sit back and wait and wait for Apple to give us a sneak preview of what we can expect with the next generation mobile phone, or the iPhone 4G or whatever it ends up being called the chaps over at geeky-gadgets.com have got hold of some interesting pictures for us to peruse over on what the iphone 4G may look like.

We have seen a few different ideas over the past couple of weeks and this is no different. It is a rather cool design by designer Seraphan from Spaziocellulare forum and as you can see yourself from the pictures it has a larger screen than what we have on the current iPhone 3GS.

It also appears in a whole range of different colours. Now of course we don’t know what the end result will actually look like but we would assume that some of the elements seen here in the pictures will be present.

We all know what we want from the next generation iPhone and one thing for sure is that it needs to feature a new design as most of us a a little board now with the current one. Lets hope that there are some similarities with what we see here in pictures and what we end up with.

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