Thousands of Windows Mobile apps will not work on Windows Phone 7

A very interesting article has appeared over at tech.yahoo.com in relation to something which has been confirmed by a Microsoft executive and it’s not good.

Although at first thought just as a suspicion, sadly it has now been confirmed by a top executive for Microsoft’s mobile division that thousands of existing Windows Mobile apps are not going to be compatible with the up coming very much talked about Windows Phone 7 OS.

It was during an event on Thursday that Charlie Kindel executive of Microsoft said that Windows Phone 7 marks a pretty distinct break with past versions of Windows Mobile. Another rumour was also confirmed during the event which was that Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t going anywhere.

That isn’t all bad though as it does seem quite possible that the existing apps could be modified in order to work on WP7, although this process isn’t thought to be an easy one.

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