LG eXpo has Antenna issues and now its out of stock

The projector phone which was launched at the end of last year the LG eXpo on AT&T’s network is apparently experiencing some manufacturing problems according to an article over at news.softpedia.com

The problems seem to have now sent the phone out of stock on the carrier’s lineup. The issues have been reported to be with the smartphone devices antenna which has in turn slowed down the production although both LG and AT&T have said that the handset is out of stock due to the high demand it has seen from customers.

Some would say that the handset is one of the nicest released on the market during the past year. As it comes with a powerful 1GHz Qualcomm processor a large touchscreen display a programmable finger sensor and is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and much more.

A spokesperson for LG has commented by saying we are working with out partners to address the issue and expect to have the product available soon. It would seem that for the time being anyway that nobody knows for sure when we are likely to see the LG eXpo smartphone back on the shelves but hopefully it wont be too long.

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