Toshiba’s TG03 first Windows Phone 7 series

As we know we can expect Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Operating system to come on devices to be delivered by phone makers on the market including Toshiba thanks to information over on news.softperida.com

Toshiba have just unveiled their intentions to launch such a device being called the TG03. The company as we know already have some smartphones available including the TG01 which launched last year and also the TG02 and K01 both unveiled recently at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

Toshiba are confident that it has that capabilities to take full advantage of the Windows Phone 7 OS and is intent on delivering a new series of applications which will work both on its mobile computers which include Toshiba notebooks and netbooks

And of course not forgetting the upcoming TG03 smartphone. Toshiba believe that users will be attracted with the combination of a netbook and smartphone with the Microsoft Windows operating system on board.

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