Cell Phone Spy Software, accelerometer grasses you up

It would appear that mobile technology is moving to grass you up to your employer if you are skiving off and not getting on with your work, so in essence brings Big Brother into the workplace as new mobile phone spy software comes into play.

According to the article over on fast company, Japan’s KDDI Corp is responsible for the mobile phone spy software which they call Spyware. Spyware allows company bosses to use the accelerometer of a workers mobile phone to keep track on what they are doing.

Here’s how it works…Spyware is embedded into a worker’s handset which then connects to a server which analyses the worker’s movements. Workers will be required to input into their handset what action they are doing first so that their movements can be interpreted.

Apparently the software learns and becomes more accurate the more it’s used and will recognise each person’s movements. So basically if you boss asks you to sweep the factory floor while he’s at lunch he can check up to make sure you are doing it and not simply having a break. Somehow I don’t think this software will be a big winner, especially with employees.


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  1. The same technology has been around for a long time now.

    Googrilla.com is selling it for less than $10

    It isn’t illegal to buy….. yet! Googrilla sends the software via email within 24 hours.

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