Cisco pull plug on Wimax, why?

Some would say that it is still far too early to even suggest that WiMAX is a dead technology that seems to be the opinion over at engadget.com

But with the second major infrastructure supplier sliding further away from it in the last few months, that would be a rather damning sign.

Following on from Alcatel Lucent’s recent announcement that they were going to scale back their WiMAX investment last month perhaps not that much of a surprise then Cisco has also pulled the plug on its own efforts.

Suggesting a desire to stay as radio agnostic as possible within the race, the 4G race. That actually does make sense really as the company hasn’t traditionally played much in the wireless game certainly not like Ericsson and Nokia Siemens have, however the move is stark contrast to Cisco’s 2007 acquisition of Navini Networks that brought a lot of WiMAX equipment.

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