ASUS Window Phone prototype shows 3D games for Windows Phone 7

Software giant Microsoft have recently announced the release of XNA Game Studio 4.0 at the GDC which includes support for Windows Phone 7 states a report over on news.softpedia.com

Not just support for Windows Phone 7 but also Windows PC and Xbox now we’re lucky enough to be blessed with some photo’s with the first 3D games for the new client which is from Microsoft.

The photo’s show this being demonstrated on an ASUS Windows Phone prototype, and it would seem have been built with the development tool newly developed by the company.

It has been said that is wasn’t expected to see any full motion 3D camera moves, the Harvest was built relatively quickly in about two or three weeks only. The developers that are used to XNA in VisualStudio should be able to soon port their games to the new operating system. A solution is on the way for a way for the developers to test on the a Windows Phone 7 series emulator.

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