At Telus Motorola Backflip with MotoBlur

TELUS the Canadian wireless carrier have recently revealed that they will be the exclusive distributor of Motorola’s Backflip device in the country, according to recent reports over at news.softpedia.com

Just last week Motorola announced that they would be launching three more handsets that would be powered by Google’s Android operating system in Canada. This follows the release of the Milestone and soon it would seem the Backflip will arrive on TELUS.

The Backflip come with some amazing features, specifications and of course sound capabilities which include fabulous social networking functionality and a wide range of features that can be personalized.

Don’t forget the Backflip also comes with Motorola’s MotoBlur solution which if you didn’t already know has been designed to aid syncing friends, posts, feeds, messages and emails. The Android powered smartphones on TELUS’s airwaves will offer a load of great features which include high performance browsing and many more.

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