iPhone OS 4.0 bringing multitasking love, happy now

We all talk about iPhone OS 4.0 and it seems at last it will feature ‘multitasking’, everyone would love to run more than one app at one time and of course switch between each one when you feel the need to.

Cnet say that AppleInsider’s sources have said that Apple plan on bringing a multitasking manager that will allow interface technology that is already bundled with its Mac OS X operating system. At the moment the iPhone operating system only gives you limited multitasking, such as listening to music whilst searching the web or reading a book on the device, you can even stay on the phone whilst browsing Safari as well, but not much more than that.

I hope that this new feature will bring happiness and not problems, but as most new features there will always be a few teething problems, but multitasking is definitely something the iPhone needs and we cannot wait.

This new feature will make its debut but like usual no one is sure of its definite release, we will obviously keep you posted on when we will finally get it, but for now, we know its coming to iPhone OS 4.0.

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