Verizon Capex in 2010 Roughly $17 Billion

According to an article over on global telecoms business, Verizon Communications is expecting a full year capex of roughly $16.8 to $17.2 billion this year, and had spent a comparable amount of cash on capital investment in 2009.

John Killian, financial chief for Verizon is expecting strong free cash flow in 2010 mainly from Verizon Wireless, their wireless business which is jointly owned by Vodafone and Verizon, and is looking to contribute the bulk of cash flow growth.

This year the price of unlimited calling plans were reduced by between $30 and $70 by the Big Red and they are also planning the commercial launch of their LTE network in 2010 in 25 to 30 markets.

In the first quarter, Verizon wireless will probably see strong subscriber growth, in Q4 Verizon had 1 million new net subscribers from resellers out of Verizon’s 2.2 million total subscriber additions.

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