Customer Payout of £1 Million via O2 Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme

In less than 5 months from its launch back in October 09, O2 Recycle, which is O2’s mobile phone recycling program has generated a nice cool 1 million quid in cash payouts for O2 customers reports an article over on intomobile.

O2 Recycle is operated by mobile phone recycling specialist Redeem Plc which aims on reusing as many of the no longer wanted mobile phones as possible while any handset that is found no suitable for refurbishment is recycled.

Products which are supported on www.O2recycle.co.uk are mobile phones along with mobile phone accessories, laptops, print cartridges, MP3 players, digital cameras, and satellite navigation systems. The service from O2 can be used by anyone regardless of their network and offers money for your old device with a five day turnaround.

O2 came up with the eco-friendly program to make it easy for their customers and mobile device users to recycle part of the assumed 90 million handsets that are no longer in use in the UK. Along with offering the customer a cash payment for their device, O2 also donates £1 from every recycled device to their Think Big social change program.


5 thoughts on “Customer Payout of £1 Million via O2 Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme”

  1. rachel says:

    dont use o2 recycle as i was told i would get 185 and my mobile was in perfect condition. then they told me it was damaged and they would only pay me 160 and would not return my mobile to me.

  2. clare says:

    great service, got paid a few days later, website really easy to use and clear that for small damage i would get 5%, i looked around and i just wasnt sure about mazuma, envirofone etc as they arent very upfront and ive heard horror stories about people not getting cash! saying that i got full amount so happy days!

  3. Steven says:

    I was quoted £70 for my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. It was in as near perfect condition as a phone could be. There was DEFINITELY no damage to the screen. I packed it incredibly carefully with all the accessories, all in immaculate condition. I got a text from them saying they were reducing the price to £35. They wanted to charge me £14.99 to return it when I rejected the price. I have got Trading Standards involved and they have returned the phone to me for free but not with my accessories – they’d disposed of them before they gave me a chance to accept or reject the offer of £35 clearly anticipating they had me over a barrel and I’d be forced to accept. Like others above, they said it has shadowing on the screen and a faulty pixel. I KNOW it didn’t – I look after everything I have incredibly carefully. So now I’m getting back a (presumably, as I haven’t picked it up yet) damaged phone and someone else’s accessories. I’m considering my options for legal action at the small claims court and am taking advice from Trading Standards. Don’t use this site, guys! It’s a rip off!

  4. Mat says:

    like many other people here, i was ripped off too.
    sent my nokia in on the basis they would pay me £73 it had spent its like in a case so was in very good condition, they sent an email TELLING me they are giving me £63 due to its condition.

  5. Nikki says:

    Use this code I just found:

    O2 Recycle is offering customer £5 more on orders over £20 this month. Simply visit O2recycle.co.uk to find out how much your old mobiles, digital cameras, iPods, sat navs and games consoles could be worth. O2 Recycle can even recycle your iPad.
    Enter the code O2More at checkout and £5 will be added to your order once processed.
    Why use O2 Recycle:
    •What you see is what you get – O2 lets you answer questions about the condition of your mobile and if you don’t get this price you get your phone back for free.
    •Last week 70% of customers got full value for their items.
    •O2 Recycle has paid out over £12million to customers.
    •O2 donate everything they make from O2 Recycle to Think Big, so by using O2 Recycle you are also helping young people in communities throughout the UK
    •During March you can get £5 more on orders with a basket value of £20 or more.
    Visit http://www.o2recycle.co.uk now and see how much yours is worth.

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