Motorola’s Jha and Brown take 25 percent Voluntary Pay Cut in 2010

Motorola has been working hard to claw their way back up to their former prominent status within the mobile phone world, and launching the likes of the Motorola Droid along with other handset has gone a long way to reaching their goal.

However there is still a fair way to go before Motorola reached their former glory and thus according to an article over on paid content, Motorola COEs Sanjay Jha and Greg Brown have again volunteered to take a 25 percent cut in their pay for the 2nd year running.

On face value it looks like the Motorola CEOs are taking a big cut in wages to help the company, but when you look at the bonuses they receive suck as Jha’ bonus when he was hired and what bonus he’ll get if Motorola breaks up or not tends to outweigh the pay cut gesture.

For example, in 2008 Sanjay Jha received bonuses of $100 million, although most of the figure was in stock options. Having said that, how about rather than taking the 25 percent pay cut, why not drop the huge bonuses, and that way it would save Motorola even more money.

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