Nexus One UK Launch Delayed by Google

There seems to be a problem with bringing the Google Nexus One superphone to UK shores as Google has apparently delayed launching the UK version of the Nexus One in Britain until the middle of April reports an article over on the Guardian.

The delay means that by the time Google actually manages to launch the Nexus One on UK soil, Vodafone will also have launched a rival to the Nexus One in the form of the HTC Legend, a smartphone that analysts believe is better than Google’s first smartphone.

Once the Nexus One comes to the UK, Google will offer the smartphone at full price for anyone wishing to pop in their own SIM card, while Vodafone will offer the Nexus One as a free handset when signing on for a tariff of £35.00 per month.

However, the launch of the Nexus One in the UK should have happened earlier this month and will now come after the launch of the HTC Legend on Vodafone which offers the user the same Android operating system but packed into a stylish aluminium one piece casing.

So which will you choose, Google Nexus One or HTC Legend?


2 thoughts on “Nexus One UK Launch Delayed by Google”

  1. Paddy says:

    Which analysts believe the Legend is better than the Nexus One? Is it the 600MHz processor or the screen with half the resolution, or the 300MB RAM that make it a competitor?

  2. this is probably my favorite unlocked phone right now. with the camera, processor, email, facebook, htc is definately on the rise now faster than ever! trackball is the only downfall in my opinion and i'm over there. very happy with my purchase. great for games when your bored and work when your working. email and stocks are practical and easy. got my last one at gsmallover.com by far the best unlocked gsm phone in my opinion. 2 thumbs up

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