QR Barcode tests by Facebook, smartphones can read it

Have you heard of “View QR barcode” or “Generate User Status QR barcode”? Well even if you have or have not you will be happy to know big boys Facebook is testing them.

QR barcodes aka QR codes are at experimental stages on FaceBook profiles now, “OK, so why do we need these codes then”? And please tell us more about the codes”

These QR barcodes are a 2-dimensional code similar to that of a matrix code that were developed in 1994 in Japan, these codes on Facebook can be quite useful and the reason why they can be useful is that smartphones with cameras can scan these codes and then access web pages very quickly indeed.

Why bother typing in URL addresses when you can simply use these codes, we will let you know more as soon as we do. Please tell us if you think these QR Barcode tests by Facebook are a good idea or not. Thanks

Source – news.gather.com

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