Poll: Verizon iPhone, Apple iPad, 4G or Windows Phone 7

Things are starting to heat up as usual about a few products, like the Verizon iPhone, the Apple iPad, 4G networks and of course, the new Windows Phone 7, well we want to know what is it you really want.

Many customers of Verizon and of course AT&T keep asking about the new iPhone to be released on the Verizon network, but as usual no official news has been announced. The question is will they release the iPhone on its network.

Then we move onto the iPhone 4G, we reported some news that it could possibly be released June 1, 2010, which we doubt very much. All we know is the iPhone 4G is what we all want so much so we want it like yesterday.

So far pre-orders for the Apple iPad has reached somewhere in the region of about 120,000, it shows that this is a very popular device. The question is “Is it the most popular?” We will let you vote on that below.

Moving onto Windows Phone 7, this is a hot product because it is one of the most searched on Google search and keeps popping up in Google Trends all the time, we have reported news numerous amount of times because it is what people want to read.

4G (LTE) network is out there and even Verizon has started its tests, you can read about the data tests here.

Please vote what product you love the most, just simply click the product on our poll set-up below. Thanks. We are just giving you a brief look into the products that people want and this is why we want to run a poll, we want to find out what is the most popular out of the Verizon iPhone, Apple iPad, 4G or Windows Phone 7.

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