Samsung Jet Ultra with exclusive gifts 02 UK

A recent article over on news.softpedia.com reports that 02 UK are about to launch the Samsung Jet Ultra Edition handset soon to the market.

It seems that Samsung the South Korean mobile phone maker chose 02 UK, and apparently 02 wont be only the first retailer to deliver the latest Samsung Jet but will also be offering some exclusive gifts to the first 10,000 customers who purchase the device.

It is available from the wireless carrier for free with a £25 per month tariff and what’s more if you are one of the first 10,000 you will receive the device in a limited edition Gangster box. Also it seems you could get a gift exclusive to 02 which is a set of three gangster DVDs which will include Scarface, Casino and American Gangster.

The Samsung Jet Ultra Edition will include integrated social networking with a BBC iPlayer and a widget for users of the service. The handset is said to have a new appearance and is now in black and silver on the front. It also includes a 800 MHz processor and a 3.1 inch touchscreen display.


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  1. dave says:

    I got my jet ultra sent through with a new contract on 02 in Feb 2010. Since then I have had nothing but constant problems with it and so have constantly been trying to troubleshoot the issues with the phone. I was having constant problems while trying to use the 3G data facilities of the phone. After several days of issues 02 finally decided to tell me i needed a firmware update + new data settings. This fixed the problem for a short while.
    My next issue was that I wanted to copy part of an email to paste into another email, once again after several days research i found that the phone had never been equipped with the copy/paste facility. None of the current firmware updates added this feature to the phone either. You would think this should be one of the basic essential features of a mid-range phone like this. After all my last phone, the iPhone 3G had the facility.
    Several months pass with minimal issues, the odd crash of the phone and shutting itself down but your put up with a minimal amount don't you?
    My next issue was related to this where my phone would constantly reset itself and even shut its self down 1/2 of the time as i tried to answer an incoming call. This was disgraceful and once again 02 insisted I downloaded a newer firmware update.
    This did temporarily fix the issue for about 8 days.
    When the issues came back along with a new issue where the touch screen would not function correctly. It was infact so bad I could not enter my pin to turn the phone on as the phone was reading that i was touching a completely different area of the screen.
    The phone has now been returned to samsung for repair, yet i have been promised it will be returned to me in a maximum 10 business days.
    I have had to resort to use my old D500 which means for two weeks I cannot access my emails or mobile banking whilst on the go and I am absoultely disgusted about this that 02 or Samsung would not lend a replacement phone of similar spec whilst mine is being repaired! Even when I tried to go to the 02 shop to collect a basic replacement phone the clever people at 02 customer service sent me to one of their shops that was closed for refurbishment. This just shows how little these organisations talk between their departments.
    Anyway Overall rating for the Jet ultra 1 out of 5 I would say. Some good feature but they don't honestly work as well as they should do and the issues are just a nightmare! I'm getting another iPhone when the new one is release in June 2011!

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