Sprint stores now selling Powermat mobile charging device

Looks like the Powermat mobile charging device is spreading its wings when it comes to who can offer it, as previous Target and Best Buy were the only outlets to offer Powermat products but now according to an article on crainsdetroit, Sprint store are now selling the Powermat mobile charging device.

Furthermore, the Powermat is now also being sold via Bed Bath and Beyond and also Amazon.com. After just 3 months of the Powermat becoming available, Powermat announced that they had shifted in excess of 750,000 units which beat internal expectations.

Taking the popularity of the Powermat when looking at those sales figures, Powermat is expecting some $150 million domestic sales and some $200 million including worldwide sales.

The Powermat is a mobile charging mat that can charge smartphones, mobile phones, MP3 players and the like simply by placing the device onto the charging mat

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