Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2010: What bands will make headlines?

Virgin Mobile’s free event is returning this year, Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2010 at Merriweather Post Pavilion, although according to the article over on baltimoresun no headliners or dates have been picked yet.

Last year’s Virgin Mobile FreeFest saw headliners such as Blink-128, Franz Ferdinand, and Weezer, so the question is who will make the headlines this time round?

As the name suggest, the Virgin Mobile festival is free hence FreeFest, so don’t go expecting the likes of Bruce Springsteen, U2, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney to be bashing out tunes all day long, as one doesn’t see those high profile acts doing the free festival circuit.

Last year’s FreeFest was a hit and had musicians talking about just how cool it was so with that in mind, which bands would you like to see as headliners at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2010. No doubt several bands have already been approached, but we’d like to know who you think should perform at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest 2010 event. Perhaps Lady Gaga will turn up as she recently promoted Virgin Mobile in her latest video with Beyonce, who knows.


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