Coming soon to T Mobile UK HTC Desire

As we know it was just last month when Wireless carrier T Mobile UK announced their plans to launch the HTC Desire soon on their airwaves. Now according to reports over on news.softpedia.com something has been spotted.

Apparently over on T Mobile’s website in the coming soon department the HTC Desire has been spotted. This would mean that T Mobile will become the second wireless service provider in the UK to suggest the near launch of the HTC Desire.

The Desire for those of you that didn’t know was officially unveiled during the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona last month. This handset is powered by Google’s Android 2.1 OS and boasts a snapdragon processor.

The Desire is otherwise known as the twin of the Nexus One. As you should be aware the performance of the Nexus One has been greatly spoken about and it would seem that the Desire is expected to match the capabilities quite easily.

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