WebOS handsets for AT&T put back until June July

The last major operator in the country to attend the Android party was AT&T and there now follows a rumour according to the folks over at news.softpedia.com

It seem as though they may have to delay the arrival of the much anticipated webOS based phones which will come from Palm on its airwaves. The operator had planned the launch of the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi in April but now it seems that may not be the case.

Peter Misek who is an analyst for Canaccord Adams has said that AT&T may have to delay the launch of the Palm webOS phones until at least June and that this is due to some technical issues which have made the delay inevitable.

Some say that things are definitely looking gloomy for Palm and their webOS handsets just a couple of weeks back the company lowered its financial estimations for the third quarter of the financial year. It would seem that the company need more distributor opportunities.

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