April should see European HTC Hero get Android 2.1

It has been reported in an article over at news.softpedia.com that the Taiwan based mobile phone maker HTC have reported that they are getting prepared for the release of Android 2.1 update.

The update is all set apparently for a very appealing device which has been delivered to the market the HTC Hero. Although the company have revealed the plans there hasn’t so far been any official announcement as to when the update will arrive.

Having said that though the Android 2.1 schedule for the HTC Hero has actually emerged into the wild. From looking at the timetable it shows when the update will land in the European version of the HTC Hero.

HTC owners are currently having to put up with the Android 1.5 operating system as the Taiwanese vendor didn’t release any other update for them since the launch of the device. So this is great news for those handset owners and hopefully the new operating system and the HTC Sense solution may make up for the long delay.


7 thoughts on “April should see European HTC Hero get Android 2.1”

  1. Scoopo16 says:

    Yeah, Its not fair its taking so long because most of the new application available for android are not compatible with 1.5 whihc limits the amount of apps available for HTC Hero users… Come on HTC i need this update

  2. Bifter says:

    @john travertine

    I seem to recall reading that the Magic wasn’t going to receive an upgrade to 2.1, am I right in thinking that it got a 1.6 upgrade?

    Can’t remember where I saw that though so could be hearsay. If not, it sucks for those who invested in a handset they thought would be upgraded each step of the way!

  3. GarethTS says:

    It may have emerged out of the wild!! However I will believe it when I see it, upgrades have been suggested to us on a regular basis since December ’09. Try a custom 2.1 Rom like the one by Benham (highly recommended) I did in desperation. I was so sick and tired of the delays to what after all is “Open Source”, albeit with htc enhancements! I also suspect the official “hero” upgrade may be lacking some of the attributes of say the “Legend”, so as to ensure the success of new models!!

  4. Chris M says:

    I have been waiting soooo long for this update. I’ve got issues with the bluetooth with the Hero and cannot see or pair with my carphone. All the 3rd party apps won’t help and I believe its something to do with unsupported Obex… don’t know. All I’m hoping now is that the Android 2.1 should resolve this issue. (Did I just see a pig fly??? )

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