iPhone Developer Trashes App Store, Apple Responds with Game Ban

Apparently last week Tommy Refenes, an iPhone game developer openly and publicly trashed Apple’s App Store by saying it is “awful and horrible”. Now according to an article over on kotaku, Apple has banned Refenes iPhone game Zits & Giggles.

Now apparently there could be two reasons why Apple decided to ban Zits & Giggles which is a pimple popping iPhone game says the article.

Firstly, as Refenes ranted about how he hates the iPhone App Store at the Game Developers Conference “Indie Gamemakers Rant” last week, and that the iPhone gaming market is like the 80’s and 90’s low quality Tiger handheld gaming systems, and thus Apple has took the huff and kicked his iPhone game in retaliation.

Or the other possibility could be that the creators keep upping the price of Zits & Giggles for the iPhone which as of last week was standing at $400.

Whichever the case, the thing is Apple hasn’t bothered to let Refenes know why the game was given the order of the boot, thus Refenes believes that Apple is mad over him saying their App Store sucks. When asks to comment, as usual Apple did not respond.

We have Refenes iPhone App Store hating rant for your viewing pleasure below, so check it out for yourselves.

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