Vodafone to have Nokia X6 soon

As we know Nokia the mobile phone manufacturer has generally always managed to offer one or another excellent phone throughout the world.

News in from ukpressreleases.co.uk have reported that the Nokia X6 another marvel from Nokia is now available on the Vodafone network for mobile users across the UK.

The Nokia X6 has some superb features with its 3.2 inch wide touch screen display and a huge amount of storage capacity. It is been proved to be the most preferred device of the mobile users in the UK now and now with Vodafone this is surely going to increase the popularity of this amazing device.

The phone gives the user plenty to smile or grin about with an FM radio, accelerometer sensor, Bluetooth with built in GPS receiver and many many more functions. As it is set to become available on the Vodafone network it will come with lots of additional features and if you’re a music lover you will love this with a library of over 2 million songs.

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