Nokia E72 Purple edition

Thanks to the guys over at noknok.tv for this one, details on the Nokia E Series.

As we all are aware now the E Series isn’t known for being cool and trendy with its gadgets as it would seem generally it is all business class and nothing else.

The Nokia E72 White Edition is about as colourful as it is likely to get, but wait a minute we now have Purple the Nokia E72 Purple Edition which popped up over the weekend. It does look amazing and the colour is really cool.

It still has a 2.4 inch screen a full QWERTY keyboard and also a 5 megapixel camera which we now expect from Nokia’s super updated version of the Nokia E71, the colour doesn’t change the specs or usability obviously but it does look pretty impressive.

Sadly it isn’t officially on sale here yet. It was spotted in the Lebanon and it is rumoured that its launch here will be imminent. Come on guys lets kick and shout and get Nokia to listen we want it over here.

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