Rogers Bell and Telus Waive Activation Fee

Some good new for Canadian, it appears that due to rising competition from new network entrants to the Canadian mobile space, Canadian mobile phone users are going to benefit as according to mobile syrup some prices are dropping and now Canada’s big 3 have waivered activation fees.

According to the article, Rogers Wireless, Telus, Bell are all offering the same promotion, which is waiving their $35 activation fee along with offering free evenings beginning at 6pm until the 31st of March.

Furthermore Bell is offering a $150 credit to WIND customers who port back to them and Rogers sub Fido is offering a deal to WIND customers as well.

However the downside to the deals is they still carry a signup to a three year agreement, but waiving the activation fee does at least give you $35 back in your pocket, and who knows, maybe prices will drop further.

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