T-Mobile USA Joint Venture Possibility to Boost Business

In a bid to boost their spectrum capacity, T-Mobile USA is looking at possible joint ventures with cable companies as T-Mobile sits in fourth place in the US mobile market behind Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint reports an article over on Reuters.

The chief exec of T-Mobile USA, Robert Dotson has said, “We continue to look at joint venture opportunities for additional spectrum, and there are a number of different options we look at. We have been speaking with Clearwire and with cable companies.”

Dotson also remarked that T-Mobile doesn’t expect to rely on a national broadband plan which the federal government is currently working on. Said plan aims to increase internet speeds, expand access and shift airwaves to mobile services.

When asked if T-Mobile USA would consider teaming with Sprint,, Dotson answered “What you never want to do is take one company that is going through challenges and take another company going through challenges.”

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