Nokia E55 v33.002 Firmware Update, Maps 3.3

The Nokia E55 has been residing with firmware version v31.012 for a while but now according to an article over on all about symbian the Nokia E55 has gained an update to firmware v33.002 which is 3.8MB and is an over the air update.

Unfortunately though there is no changelog for Nokia v33.002 as yet so any Nokia E55 user who gains the firmware update and finds anything new feel free to drop us a comment in the area below. However the guys are reporting that Nokia Maps 3.3, which is the Nokia turn by turn navigation version, is the biggest inclusion.

There is no requirement for the Nokia E55 user to backup their data before updating to v33.002 as full retention of your data and apps is gained.

The guys are also reporting that the Nokia E52 has also received the new v33.002 firmware update, so if there is anyone out there with a Nokia E52 and would like to confirm this then again feel free to drop us a line.


One thought on “Nokia E55 v33.002 Firmware Update, Maps 3.3”

  1. A warning for everyone who has loaded the unsigned version of Nokia Podcasting onto the E55. This firmware update breaks that compatibility. The Podcasting app will load and display your feeds, but once you choose a connection it will freeze. I've confirmed this same behavior with an E52 owner who updated as well.

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