Video: Korean Bubi Bubi Mobile Phone Promo

We have a video promotion for a mobile phone in Korea for your viewing pleasure today. The handset I believe is called the Bubi Bubi or maybe it is the actual dance routine, whatever, it’s from KTF and is apparently or at least looks to be targeted towards the Korean youth market.

The Bubi Bubi video promo last just 20 seconds and apparently the Bubi Bubi makes youngsters hug and shimmy up and down street signs, rub their cheeks on glass surfaces, generally dance about, oh and actually talk on their mobile phone.

The Bubi Bubi promo video can be found below and comes courtesy of the guys over at engadget and is a colourful if yet rather strange way of promoting a mobile phone but then perhaps that is normal in Korea.

Anyway there’s not a great deal else one can say about the Bubi Bubi except to head on down and mash the play button, but make sure you don’t start doing the Bubi Bubi…enjoy.

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