Battle: Can HTC Desire and HD2 compete with Evo 4G?

Let the poll begin, vote now: What do you get if you start a comparison war between the HTC Desire, HTC HD2 and the new HTC Evo 4G, well we will let you decide.

The EVO 4G announced yesterday was big news with millions searching for it, being it about specs, price, release date and of course 4G speeds, well Engadget thought they would put all above handsets side-by-side for you to decide what is best.

Is the EVO 4G better than the HD2 or Desire, well the EVO 4G is beefier than the HD2 but in reality it is not because only 1mm splits the two apart, the HD2 looks sexier thanks to the brushed metal back casing.

The Evo 4G’s text is very big indeed, the Desire’s display is more vibrant apparently with its AMOLED on board, the Evo 4G has touch-sensitive buttons below the main screen, this is not really a big fight but merely a photo comparison.

All three mobile phones are side-by-side; check out the full image gallery over on Enagdget. Please let us know what you would prefer by voting below using our poll system.

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