Poll: Verizon iPhone, Nexus One or Sprint HTC EVO 4G?

The question is Verizon iPhone, Nexus One or Sprint HTC EVO 4G?, the reason we ask this is because we would love to know if you would still prefer the Verizon iPhone, the Verizon Nexus One or the new Sprint HTC EVO 4G.

CTIA 2010 was a very good day today and it was at this event, that the stunning and very fast HTC EVO 4G was announced, we do not know when the exact release date will be and nor do we know about its pricing. What we do know is you can check out the full specs and images that we posted earlier.

There is no need to go on and on about the Verizon iPhone, we have covered the news on this repeatedly, and yet we still do not know anything about if it will release. What we do know is that Verizon customers want it badly and so much so AT&T customers may leave and go to Verizon just for the iPhone.

What about the Verizon Nexus One smartphone, no one is too sure on its release, all we do is cover the news and we mentioned earlier today of its release date and price, even then there was not a lot of information to go on.

We have kept it brief because the bottom line is simple, all we want you to do is vote on our poll system by choosing what you would love to own. Will it be the Verizon iPhone, the Verizon Nexus One or the Sprint HTC EVO 4G? Get voting please

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13 thoughts on “Poll: Verizon iPhone, Nexus One or Sprint HTC EVO 4G?”

  1. Gilbert guillen says:

    My vote is for the Verizon Iphone. It’s unlike anyother phone out there, and I belive has no comparison to anyother smart phone on the market. 😀

    1. J. Harper says:

      Obviously there is a comparison to another smart phone, because the Evo 4G is currently winning ;-D. It's just a better phone… HD streaming video? Yes please. Expandable memory? Yes please. Flash? Yes please. 8mp camera? Yes please. Android platform? YES!

    2. jrock says:

      The Verizon iPhone is unlike any other phone out there? Except, maybe, the iPhone? I'd have to disagree with you that there's no comparison with any other phone on the market, when the market already contains that phone.

  2. MONKEY says:

    I really don’t understand how people still pick the iPhone after the EVO 4G was announced.

    I had high hopes for the 4G iPhone, but I can’t see how it could ever beat these specs…

    HDMI out? No way in hell will Apple do this.
    Front facing camera? The iPad doesn’t even have one…
    4.3″ screen? Doubt they would increase the size by that much.
    Removable battery? Doubt it.

    I mean, this phone beats the iPad in specs, you really think Apple would make the iPhone compete with their brand new tablet?

  3. Ryan says:

    You also have to take price into consideration. The EVO will probably cost a ton based on it\’s specs and capabilities, not to mention the fact that it will be 4G. Obviously this and the Galaxy S dominates anything on the market or even planned at this point, but I\’m sure it comes with a hefty price tag. This said, you can\’t compare these. And, it will only be on Sprint, which is known for a shoddy network. This may change with the new 4G network…

    As far as the Verizon iPhone, if it\’s basically the same as the 3Gs model, then the Nexus One rips it to shreds. If it\’s an updated model with high-res screen, multitasking, better cam, etc., then we might have a contest. Otherwise:

    Nexus One for the win.

    1. J. Harper says:

      Ugh… another "Sprint has a bad network" comment. Heard of tower leasing and roaming? Great, Sprint's network = Verizon's network then, due to roaming agreements. So long as Sprint covers your local market well, ie. you won't use more than your allotment of roaming, these networks are essentially identical. I've had one dropped call from Sprint in the last year, it happened at a large sporting event with record attendance. I did eventually place my call, which is more than my buddies with AT&T can say.

      By the by, nobody knows what the price will be for the Evo, so your comment is essentially just speculation. The iPhone margin is 57.8%. The iPhone has some pretty nice specs, yet still is competitively priced. Now, HTC's margin 32.6%. In other words, HTC doesn't mark up their hardware as much as Apple does, which means that even if the hardware is going to cost more than the iPhone, they could still price it at the same point. In fact, many people believe the HTC Evo 4G will be priced at $199 or $299. Considering I pay $25.60 per phone on my family plan with unlimited everything, except minutes but we have unlimited mobile to mobile so that doesn't matter, I could pay an extra $100 for this phone and still come out ahead.

      I think the current poll results are on my side.

  4. joe says:

    Why does this poll have only two options that exist??? Iphone on Verizon doesn’t exist. It’s not going to exist anytime soon. Stupid poll is stupid.

  5. I mean you just can’t beat this phone. I mean you just can’t… For the next iphone to beat this phone, apple would have some much ground to cover to beat this phone its crazy.

    The iphone would have to match the Evo or outdo it by having….

    -4g provider (Ain’t gonna happen on AT&T’s poor network. Its hard enough to get 3g, I usually end up with slow ass “Edge” service)

    -8mp Camera or better WITH FLASH!! (rumor has it that it will have a 5mp camera)

    -1080p video recording and HDMI output port

    -Some type of camera on the front for chat or video calls like the Evo.

    -Revamped OS that will handle multi-tasking

    -Dual core processor or at least a 1Ghz or better like the Evo

    -Lots of ram.

    -Not having to sync with weak ass itunes. Side loading would be awsome!

    -Up to 10 devices wirelessly support

  6. I fell in love with the Palm pre…. Then I found out that the Pre wasn’t really for me…. Then I fell in love with the 3gs… Its a nice phone but no mulitasking and no flash on camera and on the web was kinda a bummer…. Then I saw the nexus one… I fell in love all over again… But then…. Then! I laid my eyes on the Evo… A tear came down my face… It was love at 1st site… The greatest phone of all time is coming out on the lowest price and most solid network out today… I still don’t believe it… I yearn for the day that me and my Evo will get to meet and spend time together. I love you EVO!!! I need your 4.3 inch screen, kickstand, HD video recording, HDMI output, Wifi hotspot, and you beatuful UI… We will be so good together. We really will. Just so you know EVO, I’ll be leaving ATT and my 3gs to be with you… I know it will be worth it…. I love you… Well shall meet oneday…. Till then. I love you EVO (tear)

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