Verizon HTC Incredible Release Date, Specs & Twitter Pics

The new Verizon HTC Incredible is a stunning mobile handset and according to Engadget, this new smartphone will make its way to Verizon within two-weeks.

Many knew that this HTC phone was destined for the Big Red and now we can see a little hope, the main features include 512MB of DRAM, 1,300 mAh battery, downclocked Snapdragon CPU 1GHz, running at 768MHz and a 8 megapixel camera.

There are some leaked Twitter pics online of the HTC Incredible by user DevDroidian; all we need to do now is wait for the release date and pricing.

We will let you know more as soon as we do, in the meantime please do post all your comments below, thanks. For more information and pictures, please visit Android Central


18 thoughts on “Verizon HTC Incredible Release Date, Specs & Twitter Pics”

  1. William says:

    Can’t wait! Seeing how Google in conjunction with Verizon is handcuffing customers with Family Plans from obtaining the Nexus One the Incredible will be my next phone. Honestly, I’m not a fan of trackballs so this may be a blessing in disguise but I must admit, I would have chose the Nexus One. Shame on you Google AND YOU Verizon for allowing Google to dictate how YOUR customers are able to choose their phones.

  2. William says:


    Without divulging too many details I have “a source.” I can promise you that google WILL mandate you upgrade to the nexus one on their 500min at $79.99 plan with verizon. Or you can buy an unlocked CDMA version that will soon be compatible on verizons network for $529.00. So, again, due to the fact that I am a verizon family plan customer, I will not be in the running for the Nexus One. Thus, I will purchase the HTC Incredible ONCE available. I don’t expect you to believe me, in fact, I wouldn’t of I didn’t know what I know. However, these are the facts and it is what it is…

  3. daniel says:

    Verizon does not have a 500min $79.99 plan so whom ever your source has not done there homework before feeding information so i would take it with a grain of salt

  4. daniel says:

    VZW does not even offer a 500min $79.99 price plan so i would take whatever info you have been given with a grain of salt and trust me there will not be a 500min $79.99 plan anytime in the near future

  5. Your Mother says:

    Where are people getting their info? VZW will not have 4G until next year. The first products to launch will be aircards. The iPhone will not be on VZW anytime soon. My source is VZW…

  6. Your Mother says:

    thats funny, how would you know what information VZW gives me? Do you live in America? Here we use English to communicate. Ill send some rosetta stone English classes home with your mommy…when she gets out of my bed.

  7. heathverizon says:

    I work for Verizon first off… and 4g will be launched in the later part of this year… new Orleans will be one of the first markets…

  8. geck0man says:

    Does anyone know if apps will be restricted to the 512 DRAM or will you be able to load and access them from the expandable memory?

  9. Jamie says:

    ok on march 24 it said it will come out in two weeks. its two weeks now(april 7) and it is not out yet….

    so….when will it come out???????

  10. coolfx35 says:

    Looking forward to the HTC Droid Incredible to replace my motorola droid, had a good run with the moto droid but the battery life just unbearable, it's very short and gets really hot at times, the phone crashes often. It's probably one of the heaviest phones out there to date. One good thing about it is the QWERTY Keyboard which i don't use often. Anyways, I want to get the Incredible as soon as Verizon releases, which I heard fromhttp://www.HTC-Incredible.com that it's coming out April 29th, can't wait.

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