Verizon Nexus One MIA at CTIA 2010: Are you upset?

CTIA 2010, what a day that turned out to be for Sprint with its EVO 4G superphone. Verizon Wireless missed one huge opportunity to slam-dunk Sprint if they only could have been bothered to announce the Nexus One.

Oh Verizon you are slow in coming forward, we want the Verizon iPhone and of course the Verizon Nexus One, buy yet again no word, no release date, not nothing. The Verizon Google Nexus One was a no go no show downer for those waiting for an announcement.

Will we hear anything on day 2 of CTIA? We will let you know because we will keep our eyes and ears open today. What we do know is that the Verizon Skype application will be available tomorrow.

As soon as we hear anything about the Verizon Nexus One we will let you know, be patient and keep coming back.

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10 thoughts on “Verizon Nexus One MIA at CTIA 2010: Are you upset?”

  1. Bill Boulware says:

    Yes I am upset, I want my VZW N1 – I have been patiently waiting for 2.5 months for “Spring” and then for the 23rd and still nothing. I am about to give up and just order a Blackberry

  2. Cincybearcatfan says:

    I\’m FED UP with Verizon. YOU know and I know that this phone is available to be introduced and sell RIGHT NOW. I have waited PATIENTLY for this phone since January. I could have jumped ship and dropped down to T-Mobile. Their service is the same as VZW where I live, but I have BRAND LOYALTY and wanted to stick with a company I have been with for almost 10 YEARS. Brand Loyalty only goes so far. I\’m ready to bolt if it\’s not out soon. By soon, I mean this week. C-ya Verizon, or probably not.

  3. F Verizon. This is so freaking stupid to keep your loyal customers in the dark. Just man the F up and either release it or announcement release date. You would make SOOOO much $$$$ it would be unheard of. People are anxious awaiting and now a lot of VZW customers will be leaving for Spring and the Galaxy/4G, so f you! LOL

  4. Northwest Joe says:

    Upset? No. I don’t usually get upset over inanimate objects. Disappointed? Now that’s another story.

    Ever since I saw the “Coming Soon…Available Spring 2010” blurb on that Google Nexus One web page, I’ve been counting the days when Spring would arrive and the N1 with it. Especially after all the rumors pointed to a March 23rd debut on Verizon. So yeah, I’m disappointed that Verizon is not saying anything about this phone as of right now.

    In the meantime, I’ll keep on using the old POS I have now as I wait for either Sprint or Verizon to get with it and offer the N1.

  5. Jordan says:

    A lot of people here don’t know anything about the Nexus One. Firstly, of course it doesn’t have the Sense UI; the whole point to the phone is to be a showcase for Android (plus if you have Sense, you can’t use the voice recognition or Google navigation.)

    Next, the people mad at Verizon for not giving a release date, Verizon has nothing to do with this phone; it is a Google project completely, you can’t buy it from carriers, they don’t offer customer support. All you get from carriers is access to their network. Google sells the phone, Google supports the phone, Google handles everything with the phone, so if you want to be mad at someone for not having a release date, be mad at Google.

    And last, there is a release date. Spring 2010. Just because rumors said it would be Mar 23 doesn’t make that true. Not Verizon’s or Google’s fault that you believed it.

  6. chris says:

    I am incredibly amazed and perplexed that Verizon would be aware of such a large following of people waiting for the official announcement/availability of the Verizon Nexus One or simply a firm launch date. As a CTO of a major company I would have purchased several hundred Nexus Ones on VZW network, having special need for N1s processor speed and open source for special reasons. Since budget deadlines have approached and VZW offers no information on VZW N1 availability, we will be purchasing this quantity on the N1 designed to operate on AT&T.

  7. we11, !’m not worried bout vz’s talk of da nexus 1 cause i somehow knew it not happen( ala iphone ). so i’ll stick with them untill then cause the iphone on vz is wat i really want but if i had a chance 4 an android phone it would be da droid hands down. so til the iphone 4g makes its way 2 vz i’m gonna sit back & wait, holla!!!

  8. Some guy says:

    I hate that Verizon is making everyone wait for the N1! I have been with Verizon for over 9 years and I can't believe they are doing this! I can't believe that I'm actually waiting for this phone..when it's released..if it gets released..the phone better be as good as everyone says it is!!

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