Charge Anywhere Unveiled by Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has now announced Charge Anywhere, which although you might think it means you can charge your mobile phone anywhere it doesn’t. If fact Charge Anywhere is actually a payment service that enables customers to charge items to their mobile bill reports an article over on i4u.

The Big Red has teamed with Charge Anywhere LCC to deliver the service to Verizon customers although the service does have a limit whereby a customer can only charge goods up to a $25 price cap.

Apparently any business can get and utilise Charge Anywhere tech to process credit cards and mobile phones which basically means a shopper can go into a store purchase something and pay for it with their mobile phone.

To be fairly honest this doesn’t look to me like the way to go as we already have credit and debit cards which still take up less room in your pocket than a smartphone, and what is the difference in pulling out your smartphone or credit card?

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