iPhone LTE coming soon, iPhone 4G 2010, 5G 2011?

As said earlier about a new Apple job posting, there are a few questions we would love answered in the way of the new iPhone LTE.

Device Mag picked up on something very interesting indeed, we all go on about the next generation Apple iPhone being it the iPhone 4G (4th generation) or possibly an iPhone 4G (with 4G network speeds), but no one knew what this was going to be.

Well considering the new job vacancy Apple has put out it definitely shows that the iPhone LTE version is coming, personally we think the iPhone 4G will be out this year but it will be the 4th generation only and not with 4G speeds like Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G.

We say this because there is no way on gods earth that Apple will be up to bringing out the iPhone LTE this year, so that means if they release the iPhone 4G this year then surely the next instalment with 4G speeds will be called the iPhone 5G with 4G speeds, confused yet?

Basically in a nutshell: iPhone 4G release date 2010, iPhone 5G with lightning speeds 2011.

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