02 and Vodafone on defensive over pay and redundancies

Both 02 and Vodafone have defended themselves against a harsh attack from trade unions over treatment of staff in relation to both pay and redundancies.

The CWU which if you didn’t know is the Communication Workers Union which represents staff not at management levels have branded 02 as hostile in its pay negotiation as it has rejected a second pay increase of just 2%.

In relation to Vodafone unions have stated that the company has ugly tactics to axe some 375 staff earlier this month, the CWU has said that staff in Stoke and Warrington offices have been encouraged to skip the redundancy packages and opt for pay offs so far there has been no union involvement.

The CWU commented that Vodafone’s actions are disgusting. The company haven’t looked at ways to put staff into alternative roles or offered a voluntary approach. Vodafone have responded by saying that individual consultations were part of the compromise agreements, people have been paid for the consultation period rather than extending the period of uncertainty. Source – mobilenewscwp.co.uk


3 thoughts on “02 and Vodafone on defensive over pay and redundancies”

  1. ex staff member says:

    I have happily handed in my resignation today after over 10yrs service . Vodafone was a company i was once proud to work for and i wouldnt reccomend an enemy let alone a friend to work there these days. Its full of lying under handed dishonest people being given managers positions when they cannot run a tap.
    What i have seen happen in that company i could write a book , people are only "stars" for the day and then tossed asside without a reason. If you wish to work through every lunch hr work late and go into work before your children are awake every morning , for no extra pay , you too could be the star … for a day but beware when your day is done they will find a way ….

  2. Wadel says:

    My Son bought a failing O2 shop from the bottom up to the top 20, rubbish manager who he has carried and reported to Head Office (involving theft) and how has he been repaid – possible redundancy rubbish company to work for

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