Video: HTC HD2 Takes On the Motorola Droid

The HTC HD2 has recently gone live with the HTC HD2 over in the States but how does the HTC HD2 stand up against the Motorola Droid? Well we have a video smack-down of the HTC HD2 on T-Mobile that goes up against arguable the most popular Android smartphone, the Motorola Droid.

The video smack-down comes courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile and was made by the guys over at wirefly and lasts almost fifteen and a half minutes of HTC HD2 verses Motorola Droid goodness.

The video starts off giving the pricing on the Motorola Droid but says the price of the HTC HD2 is so low they can’t give it, and follow with the usual operating system fair such as the HTC HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5 with Sense UI on top and the Motorola Droid running vanilla Android with standard Google Experience.

Anyway I won’t spoil this HTC HD2 vs. Motorola Droid comparison video by continuing, I’ll keep quiet and just let you hit up the video below and enjoy.

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