Will Apple turn mobile advertising around with the iPad?

We all that Apple’s intentions is that they want to turn mobile advertising around with the iPad, that’s assuming that it perform better that the device itself.

There are rumours floating around at present stating that the first major launch Apple will make with it’s recently acquired mobile advertising company Quattro will be a personalised ad on the iPad.

Apple spent some $300 million purchasing Quattro last year, so it is reasonable that they would want to put that money back to work as soon as they can. This could be what we’ve been waiting for even though it is just a rumour, it does make sense.

If this is a serious attempt by Apple to crack the personalised advertised market then it does have its work cut out for sure. Google collects an amazing amount of information about us and our interests through its search engine and Google Mail alone, however the Android platform just isn’t as well used for now anyway. It all depends on how the iAd pans out we could have a situation where Apple have the platform and Google have the data. Source – gomonews.com via mediapost.com


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