Facebook for webOS version 1.1.4 Update: Notifications and Shortcuts

Facebook for webOS version 1.1.4 new beta now has notifications; the new drop-down notification list will also show up webOS notifications.

Main features to this update will include keyboard shortcuts that use native “gesture area + key” support which includes a drop down “Navigate to….” Area, plus Formatting of content has been fixed (blank lines separating content), No HTML tags in Inbox, and if you launch the Facebook app when already running, refresh the feed a la Tweed.

Palm Developer Center Blog also says that there are fixes for the “Facebook User” issue, and for the data wiped on tap issue are in.

A few tweaks have been included, if you wish to download please do so right here, just want to say thanks to IntoMobile for the heads up. Please do let us know how you get on with this new update.

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