HTC Desire: Orange and Vodafone Customers get from Carphone Warehouse

If you want the HTC Desire smartphone you do not have to wait until Orange and Vodafone stock it, you can go direct to Carphone Warehouse right now.

The HTC Desire is on T-Mobile and a few other networks at the moment and will be coming to Orange and Vodafone, but seeing as CPW is stocking it right now and you cannot wait then buy it from them.

The handset is now available from £30 per month with a free phone; you can also buy it on the pay as you go set-up for only £399. Surely this is what you would love to do if you want the phone so badly, or will you wait a little longer.

Go visit Carphone Warehouse and check out all the deals they have on the HTC Desire smartphone, please do let us know if you will be buying this mobile phone.

Source – Tech Radar

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