Mobile Friendly WordPress Site, 7 Ways a User can create one

The web is a big place with many blog sites and most are viewed from a mobile device such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and other smartphones, but if you want smartphones such as these to be able to view your website you need to construct a mobile version of your WordPress site.

So to that end, wpbeginner has come up with no less than seven ways a user can create a mobile friendly WordPress site viewable by most smartphones.

So here they are…firstly there is Mobify a free survice which makes WordPress and others mobile friendly and supports the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android along with 5000 other devices. Next up is Mofuse, again free to make your blog mobile friendly and again supports the same smartphone platforms and has an easy set-up.

Next is WordPress Mobile Edition, a plugin which shows an interface designed for mobile when visitors visit your website via their handset and the list of mobile browsers can be customised. Then there’s WPTouch, which is a mobile plugin for your WordPress site that automatically transforms your WordPress blog into a web-app experience when viewed on an iPhone, Android, or the BlackBerry Storm.

Then there is WPTap, which comes in both free and paid and again delivers a mobile friendly view for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, and is compatible with other WordPress plugins. Next we have the WordPress Mobile Pack that comes complete with a mobile toolkit and includes a mobile switcher which enables the user to select themes based on the sites they visit.

Lastly there’s MobilePress which is a free WordPress plugin which transforms your blog into a mobile friendly blog when viewed by a mobile phone and enables the user to create custom themes for handsets and mobile browsers like Opera Mini, Windows Mobile and iPhone.

The article has several other way for creating a mobile friendly blog but they are more for the administrator rather than the users but if you wish to check them out just hit up the link above.

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