New iPhone 2010 and Verizon news see shares and Stocks rise

Yesterday we reported news about the all new Apple iPhone 2010 aka iPhone HD coming this summer and a new Verizon iPhone coming later in the year, well it seems all the latest news has seen stocks and shares rise for Apple and Verizon.

Apple is indeed working on new iPhone and a Verizon version, this news has seen a rising 3.4 percent in after-hours trading for Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.N), Apple shares rose 1 percent.

However AT&T shares fell 2.2 percent, which is not good considering they are the exclusive holders of the iPhone.

Apple Frankfurt (AAPL.F) shares rose 1.7 percent higher, whilst Verizon Frankfurt (VZ.F) advanced 2.8 percent. Wonder how much shares will rise when we get some real hard evidence of the new Apple iPhones.

Source – Reuters

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