BT flood: Has your broadband or phone service been affected?

Bad news for BT and its customers today because a major flood in Paddington, London has affected broadband and phone services across the UK.

BBC News has reported that the Major flood at a BT exchange has affected services and a BT statement says that it could not tell when either of the services will be restored. Majority of customers in north and west London will be the most affected.

The flood apparently caused a fire as well and the London Fire Brigade was at the scene around 7.30am today, it was an electrical fault that caused the flood.

Pipex UK’s parent company TalkTalk service has been affected by the incident as well; this is not good news at all for all its customers.

Please let us know if you had or still are having problems since this major incident happened, please comment in the area provided below.


4 thoughts on “BT flood: Has your broadband or phone service been affected?”

  1. Lean Dipstick says:

    My ISP is Eclipse and my broadband went down 10:20 ish on Wednesday morning. I live in Kent so it shows how widespread the impact is. DSL carrier is there but no Internet service, hope it’s fixed soon.

    (sent via iPhone using Vodafone service BTW)

  2. Jo says:

    I have been in newcastle for the past 3 days and have had no reception at all – I try to ring out to hear engaged lines for hours straight and answer machines.. Received 9 text messages at 2:30am this morning and have now flown back to london (paddington) where my phone says “Cannot access Network?!”

  3. Limara says:

    In Rutland on 01572 which apparently is affected. No phone since Friday and BT cannot say when they will get an engineer to look at it. They also state that ALL customers have had their services returned following the power outage. I for one have not and I do not know when I will have. Spent more than 12 hours to them on my mobile since last Friday but still no idea when it will be looked at let alone fixed. Well done BT for outsourcing and sending all of your finest engineers into the call centres for them to leave with all the knowledge and experience they have gained.

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